We realize you are short on time and budget, but still, have needs to fill on your team. Researching and reviewing is a time-consuming task. Paragon XL provides you a way to see the nation’s top talent conveniently delivered to your desktop or mobile device for FREE.

​​​​​You will be able to see videos, review stats and gather background information all on our XL Platform. You will have access to a database that is constantly updated on a weekly ​basis, searchable ​by your requirements and comprehensive profiles on each athlete.

Being former Cheerleaders ourselves, we understand what is important to coaches and recruiters. Until now, there hasn’t been a simple, comprehensive tool for you to find great Cheerleading or Acrobatics & Tumbling talent from across the U.S. We have developed a solid reputation of connecting the right talent to fit the needs of coaches and recruiters.


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