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Often, parents and families are left on their own to navigate the recruiting process when it comes to Cheerleading or Acrobatics and Tumbling. The major college sports have a robust infrastructure and agents to help young athletes and their families, but there is almost no support for Cheerleading or Acrobatics and Tumbling. 

This is why Paragon XL exists. We believe finding the right school and coach that fits your family’s needs and goals is just as important as the opportunity a school has to offer. As you well know, when your child is in Cheerleading or Acrobatics and Tumbling, the whole family is in Cheerleading or Acrobatics and Tumbling. 

Our XL Platform will have many tools to help you showcase your athlete’s best qualities. We realize you have sacrificed and devoted time, money and effort to help your child become the best they can be. We exist to help give them the opportunity to be seen by hundreds of the nation’s top coaches and recruiters.

Affordability is important to us as it is to you. We believe in helping families and athletes fulfill a dream (we have been Cheerleaders and Acrobatics & Tumblers ourselves and know first-hand how important and fulfilling a great collegiate Cheerleading, and or Acrobatics and Tumbling experience can be).