FUSION COMBINES: Powered by Paragon XL, Paragon XL Gymnastics and Paragon XL Dance



June 5-7, 2020 at Indianapolis Convention Center  

Registration Check-in Begins on June 5th, 2020

(Exclusive 3 Day Event By Invitation Only)

A TRUE three (3) day combine that is geared towards testing more than your Cheerleading,  Acro & Tumbling, and Dance skills by professionals and industry leaders! Athletes will have the opportunity to meet with collegiate and professional coaches from across the country and show off their skills.

This year's event is by invite to males and females grades 8th through 12th and Collegiate athletes that attend a regional one day combine. We will only select the top 30 percent of athletes. A total of 385 athletes per grade will be invited to attend the combine in Indianapolis, Indiana in June of 2020. 

Space is limited for all 1-day combines!

In regards to Paragon XL website or social media posts, there are no NCAA/College Acrobatics and Tumbling coaches who endorse our products or advising services per NCAA rules and regulations. All photos with NCAA/College Acrobatics and Tumbling school logos are also not endorsing our services. © 2015 Paragon XL, PC Brands LLC, SkyBolt, All rights reserved.