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Please log in to your Paragon XL Championships Registration portal for Virtual Competition Entry Fees and Registration Details and Deadlines. All Registration is First Come, First Served. Space is limited. All registered individuals are eligible for registration. Registration is open to ALL interested (Including International) all-stars, schools, aau, rec, and athletes! If you do not have a Paragon XL account please sign up for a 60-day free trial. Exclusive to the PARAGON XL VIRTUAL Competition experience we’re proud to also offer some amazing awards to the Paragon XL platform!


Sign in to your Paragon XL Championships Registration portal.

Fill out the form completely to see the 2020-2021 Virtual Competition and Registration Fees.

Edit Athlete Information - Be sure your mailing address is correct as all awards will be shipped directly to the address listed.

Add Performances to the Virtual Event that you wish to register and participate in.

Once all performances are registered, click on Virtual Competition Video Uploads to upload your video files. Video File Requirements - MP4 file with a maximum file size of 500MB.

A tentative schedule will be sent the Friday prior to the event by 7 pm EST.

Deadlines for Video Uploads and ANY performance changes are Monday at 7 pm EST prior to the week before the Virtual Event.

A Final Schedule will be emailed to the coach or participant on Wednesday the week prior to the event by 4 pm EST.


The Digital Program will be available for ALL to download 1 day prior to the start of the Virtual Competition. 

THE LIVE VIRTUAL COMPETITION will be available on the Cheer Week App for free!  


** Subject to change based upon registration**

Tuesday 8 pm and 9 pm (EST) - Live stream starts

Thursday 8 pm and 9 pm (EST) - Live stream continues

Sunday 8 pm and 9 pm (EST) - Finalist announced and Awards streamed live



The awards presentations for each virtual event will be available for replay here and on social media platforms.


All Virtual Competitions will adhere to the 2020-21 Paragon XL Championships Rules and Regulations.

Submissions can be recreational and professional settings accepted. Due to the Virtual environment, all Overall Appearance scores will be given an automatic score of 5 to make it fair for all participating. 

All performances will be evaluated using the Paragon XL Championships Judging and Scoring criteria. Please review the Paragon XL Championship Rules and Regulations below for more details.

We are accepting Solos, Doubles, and Trios.

Divisions: All-star, Rec, Scholastics, International, and AAU
Tumble and non-tumble divisions (Split by age and level for All-star)

Tiny (4-6 yrs.)
Mini (7-9 yrs.)
Youth (10-12yrs.)
Junior (13-15yrs.)
Senior (16-18 yrs.)
Open (19+ yrs.)

Routine Requirements:

Cheer Tumble division - Must include motion section, jumps, dance, and tumbling

*All-star must follow industry-standard tumbling level rules.
Time Limit 1:30 max including music

Cheer Non-Tumble Divison- Must include cheer section, jumps, and dance. 
Time Limit 1:30 max including music

A score sheet will be used as a tool to establish routine requirements.

Video Requirements: Must show routine in its entirety and a clear view of the competitor at all times

The competitor must be on a safe, obstruction-free surface at all times in the video.

*At this time and due to COVID-19, we are not offering a stunt division in order to stay compliant with social distancing. 

Please make sure your performances are family-friendly!


Each performance will be judged by a professional panel of three predetermined judges. Each athlete will also compete for votes of the streaming viewing audience (People's Choice) which, combined with the input of a panel of judges, determines which athlete/s advance to the next stage from week to week until a winner is crowned as "Paragon XL Heart Of A Lion Champion/s"

General Awards placement will be posted on the results page. This will be a new tab added to our website results page. Only advancements, awards, and announcements will be presented during the LIVE awards presentation.

All registered athletes will receive Judges' commentary and score sheets.

Overall awards will be presented in the respective Levels and Age Divisions.

New Virtual award buttons will be presented and shipped for General Placement and High Point Awards.

Title WINNERS in each Level and Age will be mailed awards. 

The Top 3 SOLO, DOUBLES, and TRIOS Overall High Point Winners will be presented awards, a one-year free trial to the Paragon XL Cheer platform, bid to the Open Championships, A guest appearance on Power of Rah, and More! 

REMEMBER... This is for the FUN of performing and supporting each other during this difficult time. We want to unite, inspire, and encourage our incredible Cheer community to keep cheering. We urge friends and family to watch and support! Use #ParagonXLvirtual for a chance to be featured on our page during the competition!

We can't wait to see all of the incredibly talented cheerleaders!! Thanks for participating and joining us for our first VIRTUAL cheer competitions!! For any questions please email us at

Virtual Competition Partners